We are a boutique development agency for interactive live streaming. A small company that develops cool shit for Twitch. We won multiple awards working for brands like Crocs, WhatsApp, Uber Eats, Yves Saint Laurent, T-Mobile, Oooh, Infinite Album and others.


We run an extensive portfolio with various innovative products. Including:

Pando, the biggest virtual pet on Twitch. We are adding dynamic personality features. This will allow creators to add a grumpy cat, or an anxious ghost, just to name a few.

StreamAlertsTV delivers the most innovative alerts to a broad audience. Mixing notification with gamification with a transparent overlay made in a game engine. This way, every alert you get is unique.

Break Games, because you can't pause a live stream. These games are exclusively designed for Twitch to interact with your community. You can start your stream with active viewers and take a break mid-stream. No longer worry about viewers leaving your empty chair. So make sure you hydrate, and take a break! Your viewers will be fine.

Work for hire

If you need us to develop drop campaigns, game integrations and front-end solutions called Twitch extension, feel free to contact us. Extensions allow content creators to create interactive, custom experiences - such as leaderboards, mini-games, polls, and more - on their channel page as a panel or video overlay. Examples are shown in the cases section.


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Our Pando Twitch News - June!

A major patch update for Pando! With new games, Pando VIP, TTS and much more!

Because the extension updates are paused by Twitch, we had to get creative and improve Pando with other features. That means picking up long-lasting requests, like TTS, but also looking into new features.

Like everybody else, AI is on our radar and we have researched multiple ways to implement it. We believe all our features should benefit creators and their viewers. Creators want to personalize their pets and AI helps to generate reactions that entertain creators and their viewers on Twitch. Pando VIP enables creators to do this.

Pando VIP (Very Important Pets) will allow you to decide the pet's personality. Based on your creative idea, the pet will generate unique responses. We have presets that help you get started, like a joker, historian and roleplaying dog, that thinks it's a frog. You quickly understand how it all works. Generating responses requires an average of around 500 tokens. You can get a million tokens when subscribing to Pando_Dev. With Pando VIP you unlock additional features, such as a 15% experience increase and channel emotes!