We are a boutique development agency for interactive live streaming. A small company that develops cool shit for Twitch. We won multiple awards working for brands like Crocs, WhatsApp, Uber Eats, Yves Saint Laurent, T-Mobile, Oooh, Infinite Album and others.


We run an extensive portfolio with various innovative products. Including:

Pando, the biggest virtual pet on Twitch. We are adding dynamic personality features. This will allow creators to add a grumpy cat, or an anxious ghost, just to name a few.

StreamAlertsTV delivers the most innovative alerts to a broad audience. Mixing notification with gamification with a transparent overlay made in a game engine. This way, every alert you get is unique.

Break Games are useful games that play to start your stream with an active audience or to take a break mid-stream, without worrying about viewers leaving. The games are exclusively designed for Twitch to interact with your community. So make sure you hydrate, and take a break! Your viewers will be fine

Work for hire

If you need us to develop drop campaigns, game integrations and front-end solutions called Twitch extension, feel free to contact us. Extensions allow content creators to create interactive, custom experiences - such as leaderboards, mini-games, polls, and more - on their channel page as a panel or video overlay. Examples are shown in the cases section.