WhatApp’s Multiple Layers of Security

WhatsApp Privacy Protectors

To drive awareness of WhatApp’s multiple layers of security among young adult gamers, Privacy Protectors was created - a first-of-its-kind, fully interactive, collaborative, mini-game where Twitch viewers were called on to defend streamer’s channels from pesky intruders.

Streamers go live for hours to build momentum, energy and an audience, but when they take a break, the audience loses attention. With this mini-game, WhatsApp had the chance to support streamers whilst reaching an engaged audience with key messaging.

Four popular Twitch streamers hosted live streams dedicated to highlighting WhatsApp’s security features. Every time the streamers took a break, unwanted invaders attacked, leaving Twitch chat to defend the streams. Chat quickly worked out how they had to work as a team to take down the invaders. Targeting threats with synchronised clicks, chat fought hard, setting high score after high score. As every threat was neutralised, WhatsApp rewarded the community with Twitch Subscriptions.

  • 💥~600 enemies destroyed
  • 1.4M mins watched (+14% vs benchmark)
  • 👾304k Unique viewers (+17% vs benchmark)
  • 💬7,189 chat messages sent
  • 😁+28% uplift in message association for “WhatsApp protects users’ privacy”