A little bit of downtime

Delivered by Uber Eats

Part of ‘The Art of Doing Less’ campaign, spread out over multiple weeks, Uber Eats sponsored creators so they could take a break. The campaign was played by well-known creators such as Sweet_Anita, Smajor and LydiaViolet. During their downtime, the live stream continued with Stream Invaders, a Twitch-exclusive game by CVS-Gaming and Business Goose. The interactive experience kept the viewers engaged while the creator took an important break and ordered Uber Eats! #selfcare 💜

Generally, a sponsored stream takes 2-hours with Twitch staff and the production crew on standby. In the Uber Eats campaign, it was impracticable to moderate all creators. Therefore, the creators managed their own sponsored break.

To accommodate the use case, Twitch required a new system that tracked the amount of games played, and other important data. The Campaign Management System, developed by CVS-Gaming, successfully distributed and scaled the campaign, tracking the overall progression and even generating clips when the games started. This made it easy for Twitch, and saved valuable time.

  • 🕹️71 games played
  • 👀1403 average concurrent viewers (each game)
  • 🚀203 average unique players (each game)