Opening TwitchCon Las Vegas 2023

The BRB-Game

TwitchCon is a convention organized by Twitch. It’s the place to meet creators and their loyal fans. CVS-Gaming pitched Twitch to host a game between live breaks on stage. So whenever the main stage changed segments, the audience would play a game!

On online viewers could watch the Glitch Theater, the main stage of TwitchCon, where the BRB-Game was played before the opening ceremony, and during segment changes. The 3 day event was hosted in Las Vegas for the first time.

BRB is a DVD-screensaver-style break segment, where viewers spam emotes on the screen and a logo wipes them away. Surviving emotes are rewarded points to represent their community on a leaderboard.

The BRB-Game means viewer entertainment during any break, reducing the drop between segments.

  • 🚀84 games played
  • 7 hours of coverage during a 3-day event
  • 📺10024 emotes placed
  • 🐭284617 mouse enters
  • 🔥32337 peak viewers
  • 🏢26 perfect corners