The Crocs Giveaway

Your Summer Your Crocs

The first Crocs collaboration with the Twitch audience was at TwitchCon Amsterdam. They wanted a cool giveaway game played by creators to hand out Crocs. CVS-Gaming produced the game with Business Goose, their first of many partnerships.

The campaign was called Your Summer Your Crocs. Participants would appear as dancing characters at a summer festival. While a DJ played some beats, cannons blasted Crocs Jibbitz in the sky, knocking out the dancers until only one lucky winner was left. The growing excitement and anticipation was a thrilling experience for the viewers. Everyone wanted to win a pair of Crocs!

  • 🎁3.72m followers reached
  • 🐊84 unique giveaway winners
  • πŸ‘€406000 views on Twitch
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