At CVS-Gaming we design coole-vette-shit for live streaming on Twitch. We innovate viewer interactions for creators so both experience an “active” live stream.

In conversation, our work sparks with “That’s cool!” or, “Holly Shit, how is that possible?”. Otherwise, we won’t develop it. This principle approach has led to award-winning Ad campaigns, an interactive TwitchCon “break” and the creation of Pando, a digital pet.

Why Twitch? Because we can build the future of live entertainment. Twitch is the only live streaming platform that supports an active development community. Therefore only on Twitch can creators have innovative viewer interactions.

CVS-Gaming is a small studio owned by Jeroen and Joris. We hire freelancers, game studios and not to forget, amazing interns! Together we are developing interactive experiences, which is a niche market, but pretty amazing because you, the creators on Twitch.


Jeroen van Baar


Joris Kok